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Mold Testing Services in Flower Mound, Texas

You may have seen those commercials for home mold testing kits and thought to yourself, "I should probably do that instead of hiring black mold testing companies." But then you remember that you're not really sure how mold testing services test for mold so you can replicate that or what to do if you find it. It's scary when you think about all the places where mold could be hiding in your house.

Mold can cause a variety of health problems to your family; from mild allergies to serious respiratory issues. If you're concerned about the possibility of indoor mold in your home or office, it's important to get it tested as soon as possible.

We are a professional mold testing service provider with over 15 years of experience. We use the latest technology to detect even the smallest traces of mold, and if we find any signs of mold, our team of experts will help you interpret the results and take action to get rid of any mold infestations.

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How Do You Know That You Have a Mold Problem in Your Home?

There are lots of things that a mold testing service provider will check for when looking for mold in your home, and some you might not have even realized. The biggest indicator is the musty smell that often accompanies indoor mold growth. If you're in an older house and it seems like there's always a funny smell in certain rooms, especially the basement and laundry room, then you may have a mold problem.

Other signs of mold include:

  • Dark, discolored water in your washing machine or dishwasher
  • Mildew and/or fungus on the walls, ceilings, floors, or other surfaces that shouldn't see moisture
  • A musty smell inside the house
  • Damp spots under rugs and carpets.

If you notice any of these things happening in your home, it's important to consult professional mold testing services right away. If you reach out to us, we'll come out and inspect your home for signs of mold, and if we find any, we'll recommend a plan for decontamination right away so that the mold doesn't get worse. Our mold remediation professionals will be able to completely remove all traces of mold, leaving your home safe and healthy for your family.

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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

What Can You Do if You Have a Mold Problem?

During the mold testing process, we may collect samples and send to our mold testing laboratory for detailed analysis. If UCM Carpet Cleaning Flower Mound finds mold in your home, we'll help you create a plan to get rid of it immediately - even if it means dealing with the root cause like providing water damage restoration.

If we find evidence of mold in your home, our professionals will be able to set up appointments ASAP to get started on the job. We understand how important it is that all traces are removed quickly, which is why we offer fast response times.

Mold remediation can be a highly complex process, especially if there's visible mold in your home (and even the most "mild" looking type of mold can cause serious health problems) or if it's widespread throughout your house. Our experts will walk you through the entire process and help ensure that every trace is removed so that you don't have to worry about any dangerous consequences from living in your home.

Let Us Help You Get Rid of Mold in your Home

With over ten years of experience offering mold testing services in Dallas, UCM Carpet Cleaning Flower Mound will help you identify even hidden mold in your home or office, so mold removal can proceed to take care of the problem quickly and easily. Our expert technicians use the most advanced technology to identify even the slightest signs of mold so that you don't have to worry about hidden dangers lurking in your home.

We have joined ranks with O2 Mold Testing to provide our customers with the best mold testing service in Dallas-Fort Worth. This partnership improves our response time and availability for all of our customers.

We offer our services for residences and commercial properties. If you've got mold, we'll find it. Call us today at 469-444-2822 or follow this link to get a free estimate.

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